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How does apprentice recruitment work?

An apprentice has the same rights as all your other employees and is subject to the same work regulations. However, one major difference is that apprentice pay rates start from just £3.40 per hour with a minimum of 30 hours per week.

The initial contract for an apprentice is a minimum of one year. At Grey Seal, we adopt the same strategy to recruiting an apprentice as we do to recruiting a senior manager. We interview all candidates and only send you relevant CVs that match your requirements.

We will encourage you to give a potential apprentice a trial of two to three days in your workplace before making them a formal offer. This will give you the valuable opportunity to see the apprentice in action and help you make the decision about whether to hire them or not.

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What other employers say

Our apprentice is outperforming our more experienced staff!

We have been so impressed with our apprentice that we will be taking on additional apprentices as we grow.

Grey Seal Assesors are highly professional. I can always rely on them to deliver what they prromise.

What is an apprenticeship?

When you take on an apprentice, your business will benefit from a real employee who is developing their skills in a real job and working towards a real career. The apprentice develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours employers are looking for. By bringing an apprentice into your organisation, you are likely to benefit from the input, new ideas and fresh approach of someone who is motivated and eager to learn. At the same time, you have someone who is a blank canvas, waiting for their strengths and talents to be discovered and utilised for the good of your business.Hiring an apprentice is an affordable option for most businesses that are ready to expand, especially as you may qualify for a grant of £1,000 for taking on an apprentice.

Tailor-made qualifications to meet your needs

We will tailor-make an apprenticeship qualification that will meet your objectives.


Once you appoint an apprentice, a dedicated trainer assessor will work with them using a range of contact methods such as skype, group training and face to face individual sessions all taking place in the workplace.


 The apprentice will also be given constructive feedback and we can arrange any training they might need to successfully fulfil their role. 


The trainer assessor will contact you to feedback a comprehensive update and will be available to both you and the apprentice at all times throughout the apprenticeship on a one-to-one basis or through our online system so that you can access feedback about the apprentice’s progress and deal with any questions you may have. 

Hiring an apprentice

Recruiting an apprentice through Grey Seal is completely free of charge. We will discuss the role with you to fully understand the needs and requirements of your business and match the right candidate to the role. Our recruitment team has extensive experience, all of which we will use to make sure that we get you the best candidates for your vacancy. We will interview all candidates by telephone based on your requirements and only send you relevant CVs. You can also rely on us to arrange the interviews, sensitively deliver rejections and manage the job offer.

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