About Us

Grey Seal was established as a recruitment company in 2002. From the outset, we worked with clients in a range of sectors, including Education and Training, Accountancy, HR, Retail, Sales and Senior Appointments

 Over time, we have expanded to provide training, including government-funded training and apprenticeships, for which we have developed an outstanding reputation.

Although we are based in the Midlands, we deliver recruitment, training and apprenticeships nationwide.

We offer a range of recruitment services, including a full Recruitment Agency Service and Bespoke Recruitment options.

Our tailored apprenticeships include Facilities Management, Leadership, Management and Team Leading, Customer Service, Business Administration, Horticulture and other courses, many of which are government-funded, as well as commercial training.

"The close working relationship we have with all employers, apprentices and learners enables us to develop and deliver a tailored solution that brings significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours to all. "

About Grey Seal

Our Mission 

To develop work skills and opportunities for new and existing employees through the delivery of high quality recruitment, learning and training.

Our Vision

To be recognised for award winning, expertly tailored training solutions; being the training provider of choice for employers in our sector.

Our Aims

  • Place the right person in the right job, create the right course for each learner


  • To provide high quality training and development through delivering the most appropriate apprenticeship programme for each individual.


  • To support and assist clients and employers to make informed choices about their career, progression and training needs through their allocated professional advisor.  Unlocking and fulfilling potential in learning, work and business.


  • To provide high quality impartial information, advice and guidance in relation to our range of services including safeguarding, health and safety, equality and diversity to both clients and employers throughout the apprenticeship journey and beyond.

Our Objectives

  • To provide impartial information, advice and guidance for learners and employers at the initial stage of engagement, during the apprenticeship journey and on completion of the journey.

  • To provide access to information advice and guidance to learners and employers throughout the journey with a qualified assessor and learner mentor, using face to face communication, Skype, online and telephone.

  • The overall Achievement rate of 80%, timely achievement rate of 80%, progression rate of 70% and overall satisfaction rate at least good.

  • To ensure clients and employers have access to up to date information concerning our service and to respond to changing needs and requirements throughout the programme.

  • To ensure learners obtain job satisfaction and improved ability/confidence through the training provided and employers realise benefits by recruiting a new apprentice or developing an existing staff member.