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Facilities Manager Level 4 


Facilities Managers are in a variety of organisations.
Specific job roles at this level may include:

Facilities Manager; Operations Manager; FM
Contract Manager, Estates Manager.

Grey Seal support managers to have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver on their responsibilities and personally develop within their role. They will learn new ideas, theories and methods as well as consolidating
existing knowledge and experience.

As well as being accountable for the management of the delivery of FM services within their area of responsibility e.g. cleaning, maintenance or fleet. They will ensure that levels
of performance delivered meet / exceed customer expectations within budget.




This course will enable Facilities Managers to be highly effective not just during the course but will give a solid basis for future development whether this is further courses or focused CPD as Managers will understand how to assess
themselves and construct their own development plan.




People management


● Ways of recording and tracking human resources capabilities
● The impact of change on people
● HR-related legislation affecting FM
● Capability building, HR tools and techniques

● Motivate, manage and develop FM teams to deliver operational objectives
● Deploy assets
● Assess and plan for individuals’ development needs
● Comply with Human Resources (HR) requirements



FM management systems


● Use FM management systems to monitor, report and act on the performance and efficiency of properties, assets and services against FM Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

● Analyse statistics

● Collect data 

● Maintain data security

Financial and  procurement management


● Financial/budget/resource management reporting systems, processes and techniques
● Accountability within delegated financial authorities
● Organizational procurement policies and processes & client objectives and requirements

● Manage FM finances and procure FM goods and services, ensuring they are delivered within agreed budgets and make recommendations for innovation
● Analyse financial information
● Develop operational plan and budget;
● Manage budget variances
● Analyse the effectiveness of procurement practices)

FM policy implementation and change management

Develop and implement delivery plans for the management of FM properties, assets and services and manage change 

● Identify operational impact of change 

Develop plans to mitigate negative impacts

Carry out activities ethically and sustainably 

Manage expectations

Property asset management


● Implications of property ownership
● Establishment & management of registers for property & fixed assets
● Principles of building design; the features of building, fabric, structures and components and their implications for maintenance
● Relocation requirements & factors involved
● Layout, flow management & space planning techniques; accessibility & inclusion

● Manage property and fixed assets and implement building maintenance plans
● Monitor and control premises
● Optimise the use of space
● Evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of a property management plan


Service delivery


● Principles of contract management
● Problem solving techniques, prevention measures, corrective actions
● Management of sub-contractors (management systems for contractors & specialists, e.g. security & access, performance management, Health and Safety briefings)
● Improvements

● Ensure the delivery of FM service provision to required standards and identify opportunities for improvement
● Identify requirements
● Identify opportunities for improvements
● Identify and rectify FM service delivery problems


Quality and stakeholder management


● Quality management in FM
● Client objectives, requirements & value; Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
● Survey & benchmarking techniques
● Uses of customer feedback; principles of continuous improvement; influencing techniques

● Establish and manage day-to-day relationships with clients and other stakeholders to agreed quality standards (develop and implement FM quality management operational plans
● Use appropriate stakeholder management methods; recommend improvements to the quality of FM service provision

FM compliance


● Meet FM compliance, risk and business continuity requirements Analyse the extent to which compliance,

● Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability requirements are met

● Develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

● Carry out risk assessments

Knowlege and Skills 

online delivery.png


All Trainers are qualified subject specialists with strong experience within the sector. They will use

use a variety of training methods and resources that can include:

● Trainer led group training sessions / workshops face to face or online using video conferencing

● Individual training sessions face to face, telephone or video conferencing

● Resources – paper based, electronic and signposted external resources

● Online portfolio that can be accessed by learner and designated organisational contact

● Virtual learning environment

Individualised approach

● Access to a Trainer through the portfolio, phone, text, email, IM 

● Follow a personalised programme for Maths and English

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